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At DRB Consulting, we’re dedicated to transforming workplaces into safer, more productive environments.

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to:

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What We Offer

Safety Consulting Services


WHS Inspections and Audits

Audit frameworks and programs for med-large organisations.​


WHS Risk Management

Comprehensive risk frameworks and assessments, including psychosocial​.


WHS Management Systems

Management system gap assessments and development aligned to best practices.​


Strategy Development & Planning

Strategies and action plans that prioritise safety and wellbeing​.


Safety Leadership Coaching

Uplifting leadership capabilities through the safety lense.


WHS OnDemand

On-demand WHS support you need, only when you need it.

Why Choose Us?

Experience You Can Trust. Consultants Who Care.

With years of experience across various industries, DRB Consulting brings a wealth of expertise to every project.

Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to delivering fresh perspectives, validating safety processes, and supporting your organisation every step of the way.

Tailored solutions

At DRB we realise that each organisation is at a different level of its cultural and safety maturity journey.

That's why we tailor solutions that meet your direct needs. No vanilla products, just purposeful and targeted solutions.

Significant experience / expertise

With a combine experience of over 100 years, we bring deep expertise in contemporary WHS thinking and solutions.

Highly collaborative and engaging

We partner with you to achieve success for your business.

We engage broadly and deeply and collaborate enthusiastically to ensure that solutions are owned by the business as that drives successful implementation which is where the rubber hits the road!

Real results

We do not seek just to 'tick the boxes' on compliance and other requirements. We strive to achieve real and targeted results that are sustainable long after we have left your business.

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Stage One

Expert Safety Audits & WHS Risk Assessments

Our safety audits go beyond mere compliance checks.

We meticulously assess your workplace against documented requirements and best practices, identifying gaps in risk controls and providing actionable recommendations for improvement. 

With our audits, you’ll gain confidence in your safety systems and demonstrate your commitment to stakeholders.

Safety Audits

Uncover Gaps and Potential Risk

We provide a range of audit services, including compliance audits such as Major Hazard Facility audits, regulatory audits addressing specific regulatory requirements, and gap analysis between ISO or British Standards and your WHS management systems (e.g., ISO45001 and 14001).

Moreover, we conduct Safety Management System audits, hazard identification inspections involving relevant stakeholders, corrective action audits, control effectiveness audits, product safety audits/inspections, and confined space audits.

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Stage Two

Custom WHS Strategy Development

Building a strong WHS (Work Health and Safety) strategy is essential for safeguarding your workforce.

Our team helps you develop clear objectives, allocate resources effectively, and foster a safety-conscious culture from the top down.

Strategy Development

Plans That Prioritise Safety and Wellbeing

Our team bring contemporary knowledge of health and safety systems, processes and cultures to the table to ensure that you have access to leading practice theories and evidence-based approaches that work.

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one-on-one leadership coaching

Stage Three

Workplace Safety Leadership Coaching

Our coaching programs empower leaders at all levels to inspire change, lead by example, and cultivate a culture of safety and accountability.

Through tailored coaching sessions, we equip leaders with the skills and mindset needed to drive meaningful improvements in workplace safety.

Leadership Coaching

Tailored Programs and WHS Support for Leaders

Leadership coaching is crucial for establishing performance standards, fostering high-potential employees, uncovering hidden talents, encouraging leadership growth, closing skill gaps, and facilitating the acquisition of effective leadership knowledge.

From our experience, long term coaching and mentoring has been crucial in driving sustainable positive change, closing gaps and building capability.

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WHS On Demand

Get support when and where YOU need. Whether it’s leadership coaching, an inspection, risk assessment, incident investigation, or psychosocial assessment, WHS OnDemand can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a large, geographically dispersed business model. How can DRB service our footprint?
DRB partners with peer consultancies that share our values and work ethic to support clients around Australia and Internationally. We currently have resources in Queensland, Victoria, Sydney, Perth and Hong Kong.

Leadership drives culture within a business. Safety leadership is just leadership framing the desired safety culture. What we coach is how leaders can lead safety effectively. We highlight the difference between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’.

We use the GROW coaching model to support leaders across all levels of the business achieve their desired goals.

A WHS risk framework provides the business with the basis for managing WHS risk within the business. WHS legislation places a legal duty on Officers (Directors/Executives) to protect their workers and others from harm by eliminating risk or where this can not be achieved, by minimising risk so far as is reasonably practicable.

It’s not only the law, which can result in significant penalties if risks are not managed, it is also our morale obligation to our workers to protect their health and safety, for them and for their families. If we care about our people, then we care about their health & safety.

Having a robust risk framework (modelled on best practice ISO31000), is a great start to identifying hazards, assessing their risk, implementing controls and then monitoring and reviewing for effectiveness.

Implementing your risks framework is only part of the process. If we take a Plan, Do, Check, Act (continuous improvement) view of risk and controls, our assurance framework is there to provide confidence to the business (Directors/Executives) that the risk controls we have identified remain understood by our people, applied in practice and maintained as effective. 

WHS legislation also requires Officers (Directors/Executives) to exercise ‘due diligence’ in ensuring the safety of workers and others at the workplace. A key element of this due diligence is verifying that resources and processes remain in place and effective. An assurance framework supports this obligation.

We recognise that each business it at a different level of WHS performance and maturity. This is not a bad thing as it provides a baseline for the next level of maturation. We determine your baseline through a series of assessments and diagnostic practices (current state).

We’ll work with your leadership team to set the vision for WHS (future state) and partner with you to identify and develop strategies and initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes.

Similar to a risk assessment of potential hazards that may result in physical harm, a psychosocial risk assessment assesses aspects of the work environment that may result in psychological harm and identifies controls to eliminate or mitigate harm.

SafeWork Australia defines a psychosocial hazard as anything that could cause psychological harm (e.g. harm someone’s mental health).

Examples of common psychosocial hazards at work include: Job demands, poor support, lack of role clarity, remote or isolated work, bullying, harassment, violence & aggression.

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