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With over 40 years’ combined experience, our team is a leading provider of workplace health and safety consultants and safety consulting services across many industries including:
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Our Story

Darryl started his career on the tools as an Electrical fitter/mechanic/linesperson for the local Electricity distribution board. During his 35-year career he had experienced the best and the worst in terms of workplace safety. In 2013, following a number of serious incidents within the organisation, Darryl was asked to lead the Safety team and address the current poor organisational safety performance.

Five near fatal accidents in 9 months was a sign to the business that safety was broken and needed to be ‘fixed’. What Darryl soon came to realise was that safety performance was just an outcome. An outcome of the organisations’ values, culture, leadership and systems. It wasn’t safety that needed fixing.

In the four years that followed Darryl embarked on the most rewarding experience of his career to date. He established a coalition of his peers and they set out to identify the real problems, (leadership capability, systems bureaucracy, lack of trust, blame culture etc). Once the problems were identified, he facilitated a series of strategic and operational initiatives that resulted in a safety cultural change that achieved human-centered cultural transformation resulting in the elimination of serious injuries, an overall 40% reduction in reportable injuries and a culture centered around the principles of Care, Accountability, Trust and Learning.

In 2019 Darryl started his own WHS consultancy to continue sharing his experience and knowledge and quickly established a team and business that supports both National and International clients across a range of sectors including Power & Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Mining, Facilities Management, Agriculture, Media and Medical practice.

Our Approach

We structure our approach to maximise the value for our clients through leveraging our resources, experience and network of peer consultants to provide agility, flexibility and the scale and scope to meet any client needs. We recognise that each organisation is at a different level of their WHS performance and cultural maturity.

We take the time to understand a client’s aspirations, their current state and partner with them to develop and implement fit-for-purpose solutions that will be well placed to achieve sustainable WHS performance and cultural outcomes. No vanilla solutions that your business needs to fit the mould. We will mould the solutions around your business to provide maximum success.

Our Values

Never worked with a safety consultant before and not sure what to expect? We’re here to help. We do what we do because…

We’re committed to our craft

We excel at what we do, because we love what we do. Our line of work has the power to keep people safe for all the things they do outside of work.

We truly care. Our clients trust us because we’re passionate and are continuously learning and upgrading our skills and knowledge in the field of safety.

We deliver real results

You’ve heard the saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry”, which are words we live by. But what is ‘safe’ and what does it look like? We help you to unpack this for your people and your business.

We believe that even the smallest things matter, and attention to detail is everything. Going above and beyond for you and your team isn’t an exception, it’s our standard.

We stay ahead of the (safety) game

The best solutions to implementing meaningful change or improvement is never easy or obvious.

We’ll always dig deeper to find the right solutions and tailor these for our clients based on data and insights and we move forward on our decisions with confidence.

We’re comfortable with the uncomfortable

If it’s for the best, we’ll help you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve real, transformational outcomes with our no-fluff approach.

Core Team

Our team bring contemporary knowledge of health and safety systems, processes and cultures to the table to ensure that you have access to leading practice theories and evidence-based approaches that work.

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Darryl Bell

Managing Director

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Lynn Donaldson

Senior Consultant

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Shelly Bell

Executive Assistant

Extended Team

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Caitlin Seaha


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Janeene Fitzgerald

Senior Consultant

Heather Adams


Allan Wildbore


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