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Supporting businesses in building, maintaining and maturing compliant, contemporary and sustainable WHS outcomes.

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DRB Consulting is a boutique WHS consultancy that operates nationally and internationally. 

We provide a collaborative, authentic and engaging approach to a variety of WHS-related services.

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Building Internal Credibility

Custom Solutions for medium-large enterprises and governments.

Our services cater to the discerning needs of local, state, and federal authorities, as well as medium to larger businesses.

If you’re seeking tangible WHS improvement and a partner dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your workforce, Darryl and the team at DRB Consulting are here to help.

"Fostering genuine WHS improvement rather than mere compliance outcomes."

Our Services

WHS Support Services


WHS Inspections and Audits

Audit frameworks and programs for med-large organisations.​


WHS Risk Management

Comprehensive risk frameworks and assessments, including psychosocial​.


WHS Management Systems

Management system gap assessments and development aligned to best practices.​


Strategy Development & Planning

Strategies and action plans that prioritise safety and wellbeing​.


Safety Leadership Coaching

Uplifting leadership capabilities through the safety lense.


WHS OnDemand

On-demand WHS support you need, only when you need it.

WHS On Demand

Get support when and where YOU need. Whether it’s leadership coaching, an inspection, risk assessment, incident investigation, or psychosocial assessment, WHS OnDemand can help.

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A note from our CEO – Darryl Bell

Our goal is to create sustainable and enduring health and safety cultures, environments and performance outcomes for our clients. 

We are proud to have industry recognition, 30+ years experience, a proven approach, and an experienced team of engaged and dedicated leaders.

Darryl Bell | Director & Head WHS Consultant

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